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Vashikaran Puja Vidhi ,Process and Rituals

Vashikaran Puja: The power to achieve the unachievable

Do you want to take the control of someone? Do you wish to repair the gap after your breakup? Vashikaran can be the immediate solution to achieve all that you want to accomplish in your life. You can do vashikaran of your boss and get a promotion, vashikaran of your husband and your marriage become a fairy tale with every stand being dictated by you. You can even solve your personal and professional problems through the magic of vashikaran mantras. There are many vashikaran puja vidhi that give instant results and helps you achieve more than you desire. If you’re really eager to get all that you hold in your heart then our vashikaran specialists can provide you with magical results.

Vahikaran is a popular Indian practice in which we use certain mantras and puja vidhis to control the other person and this vidhi is so effective that the other person totally gets under your sub ordinance. You can solve every problem of your life through the assured results of vashikaran. According to vashikaran puja the person who desires to win over somebody else or acquire his mind bring with them any kind of belonging of the other person which has already been used by the other person. This becomes the main ingredient to accomplish the whole process of vashikaran. Here’s a vashikaran puja vidhi to bring your loved one under its spell.

Vashikaran Puja Process:

You’ll need pure cow’s ghee, a glass of water, sindoor, sandalwood, an apple, a red marker, a white paper, photo of the person intended for vashikaran and camphor. Once you’ve assembled these things you need to take bath in the morning and write the name of the person whom you want to control on white paper 199 times. You need to write his name only with a red marker or red pen. Now fold the entire paper five times in a way that it becomes very small and tie it with a black thread. Now you need to read this mantra twenty one times.


Mix the sindoor in water once you’ve chanted the mantra and with this sindoor write the name of the person for whom you’re doing this vidhi on an apple. Now again chant the same mantra 21 times taking the apple in your hand. Now mix camphor, ghee and sandalwood and burn them. While burning the mixture you again need to chant the mantra 21 times and roll it in a clockwise direction over your head.

Once you’re done with vashikaran puja rituals put the ashes in running water and pray to God that your wishes get fulfilled. Now return home and eat that apple. You shouldn’t eat any other thing that day than that apple. The next day you can see the other person behaving according to your wishes.

Vashikaran puja process needs to be understood totally then only you’ll get the desired results. If you really want to win over the world through vashikaran then we can embark you on your journey to achievement. Our vashikaran puja specialists will help you take over the world.

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